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How many things have you been thinking need repair within your property? Maybe you need to remodel, fix your roofing, or even change your flooring-either way everything you need to be done, has to be done with high quality and excellence. That means not just anybody can give your property the services you need.

You need a company that can offer you unlimited services, affordable prices, expertise, highly-trained technicians, excellent materials, and overall outstanding results. Luckily for you, at Ian Multiservices and Fences Llc, we are that place you need and have been looking for.

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We Cover 80 Miles Around New Bern

Since our founding in New Berth, North Carolina, we have been around with the hopes of creating services that our community can use to help satisfy their property needs.

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Expertise, dedication, passion, quality, excellence, are what make us, us.


Get rid of the buckets when the rain comes by because with our roofing services you can finally rely on the quality we have to offer. Have the security of knowing you and your family are safe at all times from...


Many constructions that go on without framing eventually collapse over time. Why you might ask? Well, because framing is what helps frame and maintain the structural integrity of your property. Have a...


Having quality property starts with having quality within your walls. That is why we offer our sheetrock services, through our sheetrock installation: you will experience numerous benefits such as flame resistance, insulation,...